Faith Noelle. Author of stories about perfectly imperfect people. Psychologist-in-Training. Ravenclaw.

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We all know the tale as old as time – a vain, selfish prince cursed to remain a hideous beast unless he can learn to love. But what if instead the curse turned one into the most beautiful person in the entire kingdom? Beauty can’t be a curse…right?

If you love magic and adventure, fun twists on fairytales, and you want to know more about my current novel-in-progress, click here.

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Check out my News, Reviews, and Interviews, my blog where I share my thoughts on the YA books I’m reading. Some are new and upcoming books that you’ll definitely want to add to your TBR list, and some will have been out for years, since I am sometimes late to the party and have probably a million books that I still need to get to. I also post interviews with really awesome YA writers and share updates about my writing, so come check out my blog here!

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