Review Policy


Hi! I accept review requests for a wide variety of YA fiction, with my main preferences being fantasy, retellings, romance, contemporary, and mystery/thriller. (Please note I do not accept any requests for adult fiction, erotica, nonfiction, or poetry books). I strive to be both as honest and as positive as possible when reviewing books on Your Bookish Friend. I accept review requests on a limited basis from both authors and publishers, and I accept review copies in paperback/hardback (preferred when possible for sharing on Instagram) and e-format. To contact me about potentially reviewing a book, please send the following information as an email to or fill our a form on our contact page:

  • Your Name
  • Title of the book you’d like me to review
  • A description of the book and genre
  • Release date
  • Desired timeline for review
  • If you’re interested in doing an interview or giveaway
  • Any trigger/content warnings
  • If you would like me to include any quotes, excerpts, images, etc.

Books are rated on a 5-star system (with me often using .25, .5, and .75 intervals). A rating of 3 or higher means I enjoyed the book, with 5-stars reserved for my absolute favorite books. I try to keep all of my reviews positive, so if I cannot give your book an honest rating of at least 3 stars, I will reach out to discuss if you would still like me to share a lower-rated review.