Project: Beauty

Project: Beauty – Young Adult Fantasy

In the kingdom of Adiannon, no quality is more valued than physical beauty. Sixteen-year-old Rana has always been written off as a naive, empty-headed dreamer, but when the prince’s birthday ball comes around, she knows this is her opportunity to prove that her beauty is worthy of royal attention. She may be a little conceited, but that’s no reason for some strange old woman to threaten her with magic and curses. Besides, threatening to make someone the most beautiful creature in the kingdom isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a curse.

That was what Rana thought, until she’s whisked away from her family and locked in the palace as a prisoner, put on display as a literal object in the king’s museum. Rana’s only chance to escape a cruel king and find the woman who cursed her involves relying on people she’s always viewed as disgraceful. Her journey to freedom reveals a hidden world of magic, rebels, and secret histories, threatening everything Rana knows about herself and her kingdom. What scares Rana the most, however, is what will happen if she succeeds in breaking the curse. For who is Rana without her beauty?

Status: On Submission

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